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  Company Name :   Scrip Reports
  Company Description :  

Scrip Reports, a division of PJB Publications Limited, are the leading publishers of executive reports, reference data, industry alerts and cutting-edge market briefings for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries…

What can Scrip Reports do for you?

Scrip Reports provide with you with the incisive information you really need:

  • each title is extensively researched and compiled by specialists
  • sources include in-depth primary research and interviews with industry leaders
  • all publications are peer-reviewed by experts in the field

Scrip Reports ensure that you have the highest quality decision-making tools

With over 30 new titles per year, the reports cover strategic management issues, enabling technologies, therapeutics, drug discovery, biotechnology, regulatory affairs and e-commerce.

For more information, please visit www.scripreports.com.

Scrip 报告咐属PJB出版社,是发行有 领先与权威性的行业消息报道. 包括参考资料和行业最新动态 ,是医药和生物技术工业的市 场简报先锋。

Scrip 报告如何能帮助你?

Scrip 报告提供你所需的清晰 中肯情报:

  • 每专题都是由专家通过广泛的 探索编制而成
  • 消息来源包括深入的领先探索 与行业领导的访问
  • 所有出版的报告都通过行业专 家预先检阅

Scrip 报告保证给你最高质量的 决策工具

每年有超过卅十多个新专题报告 ,包含有决策性的管理问题、可 行的技术、治疗法、新药开发、 生物技术、规法事务和国际网贸易

有关资料请参访 www.scripreports.com

  Address :   Scrip & Clinica Reports
PJB Publications Ltd.
18/20 Hill Rise
TW10 6UA
    United Kingdom
  Telephone :   +44 (0)208 3328830
  Fax :   +44 (0)208 3328992
  Email :   janine.winfield@pjbpubs.com
  Web Site :   Scrip Reports   : www.scripreports.com
Clinica Reports : www.clinicareports.com
  Contact Name :   Janine Winfield
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