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Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical directory for sourcing Bulk Drug, Chemical, Herbal Extract and Vitamin manufacturers and suppliers from China

Altecopia Co. Ltd., a company registered in the United Kingdom, setup altecopia.com to provide key executives of the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Healthcare Industries with essential information for sourcing pharmaceutical intermediates, herbal and plant extracts, food additives, amino acids and derivatives and active pharmaceutical ingredients from Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug manufacturers, Chemical and Drug Intermediate producers and Herbal and Vitamin Raw Material suppliers from China. As well as a comprehensive, searchable supplier and product database the site provides a useful map of China, information on the Chinese economy, latest pharmaceutical news and travel in China with links to Chinese Trading Laws and Regulations, Currency Converter, World Time and World Weather Forecast.

The directors of the company have been working with the Chinese Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug Industry since China started her industrial modernisation in the early 80's. They worked with European Pharmaceutical Equipment suppliers betwween 1982 to 1987 and modernised over 40 pharmaceutical drug companies across China.

We recognise that quality is critical to pharmaceutical drug manufacturers and between 1984 and 1985, with the support of China's State Pharmaceutical Administration and some overseas partners, organised a series of national and regional symposia to introduce GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE (GMP) in China. GMP is now strongly enforced by the Chinese State Drug Administration (SDA) in all their major pharmaceutical manufacturers and herbal suppliers of bulk drug and finished products.

Altecopia.com aims to bring you the latest news and key information on the Chinese Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical industry. If you are buying and selling bulk drugs, sourcing or simply reviewing the Chinese Pharmaceutical Drug and Herbal industry all you have to do is click on the selection buttons to the left of the screen.

How to use the site

If you wish to view general information on each province of China, select "Map of China" and click on the relevant province. For each province, information on location, population, land area and Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug suppliers will be displayed.

Search for Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug Suppliers, Pharmaceutical Intermediate and Herbal suppliers

To find a Bulk Drug supplier you can search our comprehensive Supplier and Product database. This service is available, free of charge, to any industry buyer, from anywhere in the world. You will need to register with us before you use the product search facility.

Our product search includes listings on:

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Amino Acids & Derivatives
  • API Intermediates
  • Nutraceuticals (plant extracts, vitamins etc)

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