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Frequently asked questions


  I have never been to China and would like to visit one of the trade shows, what do I have to do?

You will have to first obtain an invitation from the show organiser in order to apply for your entry visa. Check with your medical doctor for any vaccinations you may require. Once you decided on the travel dates, book the flights and hotel with your travel agent. If you need an interpreter, the show organisation usually can help to make the necessary arrangement, but book in advance of your travel.
  Do most Chinese organisations have English speaking personnel?

Some business executives in China can understand written English, though their spoken English is not so fluent. When dealing with a foreign company, the Chinese counterpart usually brings along interpreter(s) for meetings. Most Chinese organisations who are involved in export employ English speaking graduates in their organisation.
  What language do they use on commercial contracts or agreements?

Chinese is the usual legal language. However, commercial sales contracts and agreements are usually written in both Chinese & English. If both languages are used on the same document, it should be stated that both the Chinese and the English version have the same effect.
  What are the standard trading terms?

Chinese suppliers usually ask for payment by Confirmed Letter of Credit to be opened before the goods are shipped. However, once the Chinese are satisfied that your organisation is credit worthy, they may consider payment by bank Draft, or Telegraphic Transfer.
  How do I know that the goods will be shipped after sales contracts are signed? How do I handle disputes?

Before making your purchase decision, evaluate your suppliers by visiting their organisation and check their trading history. All Chinese organisations involve in export business have to obtain a licence from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC). If any disputes arise; try to resolve them in a friendly manner. If the matter cannot be resolved through friendly negotiation, it can be reported to MOFTEC in Beijing.
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